Dental Technology

Technology has improved the dental industry dramatically. Even just in the last several years, we’ve had tools, techniques, and equipment become available that not only makes our job easier, but your dental treatments more comfortable, effective, safe, and long-lasting than they have ever been before.


The CEREC mill is one of the amazing machines we use to cut down your waiting time from days and weeks to mere minutes. That’s right. We can now complete several dental procedures in one all-inclusive appointment instead of many.

Using high-grade dental porcelain, we can craft crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures right here in the office, while you’re still sitting in the dental chair.

That’s not all! These dental appliances are not mass-produced. We are able to scan your mouth, use those measurements to design an appliance that works specifically for your mouth, and mill it out with incredible precision.

Dental Vibe

Dental anxiety is extremely common. So is fear of needles. When these two things come together, the stress of it all actually keeps many people from coming in for the oral treatment they need.

The Dental Vibe has been shown to decrease anxiety and pain in the vast majority of patients who have experienced it.

How does it work? The Dental Vibe adds a gentle vibration to the spot where the anesthesia injection is going to happen. This vibration actually interrupts pain signals from the needle itself, making the injection actually feel comfortable.

Bacteria DNA Testing

The leading cause of gum disease is a bacterial film that grows on our teeth every day. No matter how good our oral hygiene is, we can’t fight it off completely on our own.

Regular dental cleanings help with this, but we also have another technique that will allow us to better diagnose and treat bacterial issues with your teeth and gums.

Bacterial DNA testing allows us to identify the specific kinds of bacteria that your mouth is particularly susceptible to. Armed with this information, we can design our treatments around those bacteria.

Digital X-rays

There are enormous benefits to using digital x-rays, rather than traditional film. Just some of them include:

  • No need for physical storage.
  • Results come through to the computers almost instantly.
  • Less physical waste.
  • Dentists can look at the x-rays while you’re still in the room.
  • Communication and transfer that is cheaper, faster, and more effective.
  • Digital images are higher-definition.
  • They require less radiation.

All of these advantages not only improve the quality of the treatment and diagnosis, but save you time, effort, and stress.

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